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Refresh IV Therapy

Rehydration Treatment

Plain IV treatment – No additives, for a hydrating dose of much-needed fluids.


  • Normal saline
  • 500 mL Bag $65
  • 1 L Bag $95


Saline Drip IV Service

Look and feel your best with our standard Drip IV Service Option at Philly IV Lounge. Our “Refresh” IV Therapy is a simple saline bag that you can add various vitamins and minerals. It only takes 30 minutes to get fresh saline fluids IV dripped into your system for general hydration and body balance to improve your basic body functions. 

Call us or book an appointment online! Now located in Northern Liberties at 209 W. Girard.

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The Premier Local IV Lounge in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

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209 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19123

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Phone: (215) 509-5268

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