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How Do IVs Cure Hangovers?

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How Do IVs Cure Hangovers?

Do you want to eliminate that nasty, throbbing headache after a fun night? Sure you do. Here’s how IVs cure hangovers.

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You wouldn’t want to compromise your productivity. Furthermore, you don’t want your client or boss to lose faith in you because you were enjoying a drink…or three. 

So it would help if you had something that works and works fast to relieve your hangover.

Thankfully, this article shows you how IVs cure hangovers and whether you should use them. Also, are there any side effects to expect? Read on to find out more! 

What Causes Hangovers?

A hangover is a group of symptoms arising from heavy alcohol use the previous night. The signs are because of the unregulated accumulation of poisonous substances in your body. This toxin build-up arises from the metabolism of alcohol in your liver.

The liver converts large amounts of alcohol into a substance known as acetaldehyde and acetate, leading to cellular damage. These compounds open the doors to your suffering. The body responds through vomiting to remove the poison. And in this process, you get a headache, muscle cramps, dehydration, and fatigue because your body also loses essential electrolytes.

Some people may get hypoglycemic tremors because there’s a reduction in glucose levels in the blood. And you may also experience chills and memory loss because alcohol consumption causes an inflammatory cytokine response. In short, you’ve become miserable, and you need rescuing ASAP.

There’s a natural homeostatic mechanism to help you return to normal. Sleep, eat well and exercise and you’ll be good. But this action takes an awfully long time.  And you can’t afford to be at your worst. Not right now. Many tasks depend on you. So, correcting all those problems by supporting your body to eliminate the toxins is vital. 

Therefore, you need to know what the body lacks, what it’s losing, and what it needs. After that, you should provide all those nutrients in a package that doesn’t cause a bad reaction. You don’t want to wake up in a hospital bed. And ideally, this cure should also work quickly.

So what’s the plan?

Close your eyes. Picture a nourishing concoction helping you recover from a hangover within minutes to hours. Imagine not wasting precious effort and time at the gym, drinking ungodly amounts of water, or drowning yourself in detox teas. You get those benefits with an effective and long-lasting cure. And it’s the…

IV Hangover Cure

IVs for hangover relief work fast, allowing you to do cognitively demanding tasks efficiently. How? You supply your body with the contents of an IV bag containing crucial minerals, water, vitamins, and pain relief drugs. This administration happens through one of the veins in your hands.

You’ll benefit from proven supplements that support cognitive health and neuron recovery. These compounds include Vitamin B-12, B complex, Magnesium, and the holy grail: glutathione. You might surprise yourself by finishing a week’s work in a few hours of pure, energetic focus.

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The IV hangover cure has 100% bioavailability. 

What does that characteristic mean? It means you guarantee that your body will benefit from all the critical electrolytes because this mode of administration bypasses the long, tedious, and often ineffective gastrointestinal system.

Experts say you don’t have to be hungover to benefit from the IV drip. This cure allows you to have a stress-free night out, drink however you want (which I don’t recommend!), and not agonize about feeling sick the next day.

There’s a chance that the IV drip is a placebo—that you could have been better nonetheless. But you don’t want to risk anything if you, for example, were closing a big client or had an important meeting. Take every advantage you can get.

And here’s something interesting…

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) ignites and accelerates your body’s detox process by providing antioxidant properties. This molecule contains glycine, cysteine, and glutamic amino acids. Your body produces GSH naturally in the liver and many other body tissues.

This amino acid creates a chemical reaction with toxins and forms a water-soluble substance that can pass through urine. You also get to replenish some compounds, such as tocopherols and ascorbate. And through this process, the body cleanses itself.

Glutathione levels may decrease in your system because alcohol damages the liver. Hence one should replace it. If not, you risk getting liver, neurodegenerative or cardiovascular diseases.


Who Should Take the IV Hangover Cure?

Scientists don’t limit using this miraculous IV bag to curing the aftermath of a heavy night out drinking. You can also implement the product to your busy schedule as a training athlete, lawyer, or medical student pulling all-nighters. 

One thing is for sure. After partaking, you’ll feel focused, energetic, and ready to beat deadlines.

But there’s a problem. IVs are expensive. Hence they aren’t popular with the majority of the public. Many companies will provide you with the cure for $175 to $249 per bag. So, it’s best to save money, drink water, and eat rice and chicken soup if treating the hangover fast is unimportant.

Lastly, what are the…

Side Effects of the IV Hangover Cure

Many patients complain of pain, swelling, or infection on the injection site. Also, note that the FDA does not endorse the use of this product. Therefore, let a doctor first confirm whether you’re eligible for the IV drip. For example, clinicians prohibit heart and kidney disease patients from using hangover drips. 

Note that hangover signs can mimic a serious illness. Or the hangover can worsen an underlying severe disease. Consult a reputable physician to diagnose and treat you effectively.

IV hangover cures are not an excuse for you to drink irresponsibly. You’re still at risk of getting cancer, reduced memory and attention span, and infertility. Not to mention that you’ll waste a lot of money getting the drips. So, use the bag sparingly or when you have no other choice.

Enjoy alcohol by drinking moderately and hydrating.


IVs are a recent trend claiming to cure hangovers with recovery vitamins, minerals, and glutathione. Many people may benefit from this cure’s effects, but this isn’t a good long-term strategy for your health. Drink responsibly and only go for the drip if you need to get sober fast to handle an emergency.