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What You Can Expect During Your First IV Treatment at Philly IV?

Thanks for contacting Philly IV and visiting our website! We’re a Premium Local IV Therapy & Treatment Spa in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. Our company started in 2022 as we saw a need in the market for more health and wellness centers, especially focused on giving IV Therapy, Hangover IVs, IM Injections, and overall health services. Before you visit our location or even order an on-demand treatment, we want to tell you what you can expect during your first IV Treatment with Philly IV.

Now, If you struggle to follow a balanced diet on a day-to-day basis, you’re not alone. However, even if you try to round it out with a daily multivitamin, you may not be getting the nutrients needed for optimal health and wellness. That’s where IV therapy comes in to help you replenish nutrients, vitamins, and hydration.

With Philly IV you can call or schedule online. When scheduling with Philly IV you will be using our secure 3rd party booking system that intakes your personal and private information along with the service you’re requesting. You will be able to choose a specific day and time and even choose which nurse you prefer, or you can simply book the earliest Philly IV Therapy Appointment available.

Our esteemed co-founder, and Director actively participates in managing your bookings and therapy sessions. Additionally, our team includes various individuals who are licensed, trained, and contracted nurses, dedicated to providing exceptional service for your requested IV treatments.

Whether you want to optimize your health, manage a chronic disease, enhance athletic performance, or help with an uncomfortable hangover, here’s what you can expect from Philly IV.

Types of IV Therapy Available

Philly IV offers a wide range of infusion therapy formulas to help improve every aspect of your health, even weight loss.
During your first visit, your nurse will discuss your medical health, any current symptoms, and overall goals. Based on your initial consultation, she will then recommend a variety of infusions, such as:

What to expect during your IV therapy treatment?

After working with your Philly IV Nurse to select the optimal IV infusion, you will sit back and relax comfortably to receive your treatment. We offer a massage chair, music, charging stations, and Smart TV experience. We also offer complimentary snacks and have drinks for purchase as well.

Before we begin your infusion, your RN will have you fill out our health evaluation form and sign a waiver which will be reviewed by our physician. After your assessment is complete and vital signs are taken your RN will start the insertion process. You may feel a small prick from a needle, but any discomfort should pass quickly. 

Once your IV is in place, you can read, watch a video, play on your phone, or even take a quick nap. Most infusions take less than an hour! If you’re not able to come to us, Philly IV also offers mobile IV therapy, so you can let the healing powers of your infusion come to your neighborhood and various Philly neighborhoods for a service fee.

Our aim is to wrap up your entire session in under an hour. After that, you can settle your payment and show appreciation to the nurse who took care of you. From there you should begin experiencing a significant improvement in your well-being throughout the remainder of the day. 

Ready to see if IV therapy is right for you? Contact Philly IV today; Call or book an appointment online!

Philly IV Lounge is the best to date I have experienced in the past few months. They know service and wellness very well. Extremely soothing experience. You feel great afterwards.
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Emilia Fischer
Philadelphia, PA
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